Call Taker & Dispatch

Posted: March 10, 2023
Full Time

2 Positions Available
Shifts 7:00 am to 3:00 pm or 3:00 pm to 11:00 pm

Please be advised that Yellow London Taxi (YLT) is a growing company within the community of London and continues to gain respect due to its commitment to providing exceptional service and genuine respect to customers.
Call-takers and dispatchers are the voice of our business and the first lines of communication we have with general public and with our customers. The tone of voice, warm greetings, genuinely courteous and professional conduct can have an impressive impact on each and every customer who calls our company for any reason. Therefore, our call-takers are supposed to play a significant role ensuring that we always deliver the highest level of service to our customers.

It is a part of YLT’s policy to ensure that everyone is treated fairly, with respect and dignity. Any act of misconduct that leads to violating company policies, from anyone regardless of their ranks and positions, will not be tolerated.

Call-takers and Dispatchers

Call Takers Requirements
 Always greet customers with courtesy and be helpful to them.
 Ensure the highest level of accuracy when entering Customers’ Information.
 Pay close attention to multiple options from data in the system, before you click and send the order out.
 Ensure a high level of efficiency for our customers
 Communicate and cooperate with dispatchers when not sure about something.
 Enhance technical skills in call taking

Must learn and gain the skills and knowledge listed below before taking a shift

 Entering regular calls
 Always repeat and confirm the information customers provide
 Entering time calls, are highly significant, and no room for errors
 Modify time calls upon customers’ requests accurately
 Entering account calls
 Handling out-of-town trips in accordance with company rules.
 Cancelling calls upon customer’s request
 Booking App calls
 Fare estimates when requested by customers
 Locate a cab when customers call how far the cab is from their pickup location
 Avoid using personal cell phone at the busy time.

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