Production Labourer

Posted: May 17, 2022
Full Time


Below are the general responsibilities, activities and scope that all Production Labourers are responsible for:
1. Professional Practice
• Consistently attend all scheduled shifts on time, prepared and fit to work;
• Demonstrate adaptability during times of company growth;
• Foster and support a positive working environment;
• Employ company ethics, mission, vision and goals;
• Consistently demonstrate positive and collaborative working behaviours;
• Continuously display effective interpersonal and leadership skills;
• Consistently act in a respectful manner when engaging with AEP employees, customers or guests;
• Effectively communicate, in English, with other employees, customers or guests;
• Accept and apply feedback from supervisors or managers;
• Remain up to date with job related training and development;
• Demonstrate effective problem solving and time management skills;
• Complete all tasks according to the schedule as outlined by the Production Manager;
• Complete all tasks safely, efficiently, and effectively in order to meet deadlines;
• Ensure quality controls and standards are consistently met.

2. Health and Safety
• Ensure work area is kept neat and tidy at all times;
• Maintain awareness of all work place hazards and report any unsafe working conditions;
• Ensure that work is completed and equipment is operated according to the safety rules and
• Encourage and support co-workers to complete work and operate equipment according to the safety
rules and regulations;
• Wear full personal protective equipment as required by the role and location;
• Actively participate in all Safety Talks;
• Attend safety meetings (as required), and recommend changes for improvement.

• be reliable; attendance is very important
• safety shoes/boots
• be willing to learn

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