Sales Associate

Posted: May 26, 2023
Full Time

FC Soccer - Duties and Responsibilities

-vacuum, sweep, clean windows, and tidy if needed. Make the store presentable.
-Review invoices from the morning/night before
-Replenish what was sold
-Update any labels on inventory boxes when items are added or removed
-Communicate with Windsor/London about low stock for replenishment from sales
-Make sure that all details are written on sales invoices (brand, style, size and colour)
-If the sale is clearance put both regular price and sales price on invoice.
-Take out garbage/recycling every night before closing.
-Replace shoes from wall if sold or put back on wall presentable
-Go through store and put items in order
-Clean washroom and change room and mop the floor once a week
-Check mailbox for delivered mail
-Have customers with large bags or backpacks leave them at the front door.
-Update labels on inventory boxes are items are removed or added so they stay accurate

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