Wind Turbine Technician

Posted: May 27, 2022
Full Time

The Wind Turbine Technician has construction industry experience and access to reliable transportation. The schedules are subject to variations depending on the project needs and delays. The ideal candidates are self starters willing to follow directions closely and work in team. The Wind Turbine Technician rigs, lifts and assembles wind turbine components during the Installation phase. The Wind Turbine Technician will also require cranes signaling and communication skills.

◦ Install wind turbine components which includes these tasks:
◦ Follow turbine installation procedures.
◦ Respect and adhere to safety procedures.
◦ Clean components on the ground.
◦ Complete mechanical preparation of the components on the ground.
◦ Proceed to a visual inspection for damage and ensure safe lifting operations prior to lifting.
◦ Rig the components with turbine specific rigging devices.
◦ Climb Wind turbines on a daily basis.
◦ Establish strong communication with crane operators.
◦ Use Taglines to maintain control of the loads.
◦ Bolt and torque the components sections using hydraulics or pneumatics as per the
installation instructions.
◦ Operate equipment such as telehandlers, skid steers and manlifts.
◦ Perform work site clean-up.

◦ High school diploma/GED preferred
◦ Technical certifications/card/diploma required according to the laws and regulations of the work location
◦ One year of construction industry experience
◦ Valid driver license
◦ Good physical condition, good reflexes, functional senses and strength
◦ Comfort in working in confined spaces and at heights
◦ Comfort working in high-stress environment with extreme weather fluctuations
◦ Ability to work in teams and communicate both verbally and written
◦ Ability to solve problems
◦ A keen eye to details and good decision-making skills
◦ Manage to handle emergency situations, work under pressure and stress

◦ Above industry standard vacation
◦ Telemedicine
◦ Employee Assistance Program
◦ Training and development opportunities
◦ Young, dynamic and team-oriented work environment
◦ Excellent career opportunities

Not On Bus Route
Driver's License Required
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